After life, love continues. A miraculous true story.

In Finding Vern a young widow gives her heart felt account of lessons on life, love and the evidence she uncovered when she sought answers on the afterlife. Her touching and remarkable miracle laden story will give rise to thought to any discerning but curious mind.


After receiving a convincing reading through an evidential spiritual medium, Darcy the author received many more miraculous signs that her beloved was by her side. She not only learned his soul survived but she discovered a world of untapped human potential. She came to the realization much of what we experience is limited by our self imposed expectations of reality.  When your mind is opened to beyond what can be empirically imparted the possibilities are infinite.



Life After Death Evidence Revealed...A Real Life Tragedy and Triumph, a Love Story That Knows No Boundaries, Not Even Death

Darcy's discoveries have inspired her to create a foundation that will provide an organized way to gather and explore those possibilities as well as aid the bereaved in healing the heart.

Be inspired to discover your own truth by this enchanting true life tale.

Watch the book trailer in which Darcy memorializes Vern by sharing clips from their life together, with this couple you will see someone you know because they are real people.


This labor of love is clear, and filled with Truth which I hope each reader will allow enter their heart because as soon as it does, their soul will be awakened. Who among us has not sorrowed so deeply and wondered why we have suffered such intense loss. Let this book help you remember we are never alone and put you back on your true path.    -aann golemac

I thought I was already a total believer before I read this book. Now, I'm completely blown away.... and there's no doubt in my mind that our souls live on after death. This story gave me smiles, tears, laughter, personal validation and best of all...HOPE. Beautiful story! Hands down, this is by far, is the best book I've ever read. Thank You Darcy! :-)  - EWharton

Darcy lives and breaths life into everlasting happiness through her own experiences and brings light, warmth, and comfort to those reading Finding Vern. A true love story. 5 Stars, a must read.

-Katherine Begley

This book was one of the most touching things I've ever read. At times it brought me to tears. Totally worth reading   -Matt Allen

I just finished reading this most amazing book... I have goose bumps. Darcy has has managed to write down so much of what I believe and want to learn more about. This is thrilling! Thank you for sharing your story... It is heart breaking and glorious at the same time.  -L.Moen

A portion of every book sold will go to the lightworkers foundation started in honor of grieving hearts everywhere checkout our sister site.